New PyCharm 2.0 EAP build: Cython, CoffeeScript, code coverage

When we announced the previous EAP build, we mentioned that we had two new features with the letter ‘C’ in development. Now we’re happy to announce that we have not two, but three of them, and all of them are included in today’s EAP:

  • Initial support for Cython. The current version supports only syntax and error highlighting; other features (such as code navigation and completion) will be added in the coming weeks.
  • The new CoffeeScript plugin, with code insight, formatter and inspections support, is now bundled with PyCharm.
  • PyCharm now supports collecting and displaying code coverage information, based on Ned Batchelder’s tool. The code coverage can be enabled in the run configuration settings. (Note that the current UI is preliminary and will be reworked in subsequent EAP builds.)
  • The template language configuration has been redesigned and streamlined. In particular, you can now mark your project as using Django templates even if it’s not actually a Django project (for example, if you’re using Django templates with Google App Engine).
  • The “Create Test” feature now has the capability of creating a new test if it didn’t find a test to navigate to.

You can download the new build and read the detailed release notes on the EAP page.

And don’t forget that the 50% discount on personal licenses has been extended until October 15th. All licenses purchased now qualify for a free upgrade to PyCharm 2.0 when it is released.

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6 Responses to New PyCharm 2.0 EAP build: Cython, CoffeeScript, code coverage

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  2. Victor Hooi says:


    I’m still getting a strange error saving my profile, that I also got with the previous 2.0 EAP:

    “Could not save application settings: \\\FOO\FOO\hooivic\config\.PyCharm20\config\options not found.”

    I don’t get this error with any PyCharm 1.x builds.


  3. This build is locking up for me, pretty frequently. Is there a link to the old 2.0 EAP releases somewhere?

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      Please file a YouTrack issue at and attach the contents of the logs directory (Help | Reveal Logs to locate it).

      Old EAP builds expire in 30 days from their release date, so it’s not too helpful to downgrade to an older build – better to get the problem fixed in the new one.

  4. Yury V. Zaytsev says:

    Cython! YES!!!

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