Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 2.7 Early Access Preview

We’re happy to announce the beginning of the Early Access Preview program for PyCharm 2.7. The new version is focused on improving our support for core Python development and is planned for release before the end of this year. As usual, EAP builds are not feature complete and are likely to contain bugs, but they give you a chance to provide feedback on the new features and ensure that the final production release meets your requirements.

New and noteworthy in this release:

  • PyCharm’s debugger is now capable of collecting type information at runtime and makes use of this information for improving code completion suggestions, code insight and quick documentation popups. This needs to be enabled in the debugger settings.

  • PyCharm now runs pep8.py on the fly as you’re editing the code and highlights the coding style violations. As a quickfix, you can either reformat the file or disable specific types of errors produced by pep8.py.
  • PyCharm now recognizes the Python code in your doctests, provides syntax highlighting and code insight for it, and recognizes the code in doctests when performing other actions (for example, optimizing imports no longer removes imports required by doctests).
  • PyCharm’s test runner now includes a “Rerun failed tests” action.

PyCharm’s users will also benefit from the latest round of improvements in the underlying IntelliJ Platform.

We’d also like to highlight the resumed development of the IdeaVIM plugin, which provides vim keybindings in PyCharm and other IntelliJ-based IDEs. The work up to now was focused on cleaning up the code base, improving test coverage and fixing long-standing bugs and exceptions, but new features will also follow soon. The latest update of IdeaVIM can be installed from Settings | Plugins.

As usual, the new build of PyCharm is available for download on the EAP page, and your feedback is welcome in the issue tracker.

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