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PyCharm 2.7 EAP build 124.138

After an unfortunately long delay, today we’ve published a new EAP build of PyCharm 2.7. Noteworthy changes are: The dark look & feel from IntelliJ IDEA 12 is now included and fully supported in PyCharm (Settings | Appearance | Theme … Continue reading

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PyCharm 2.7 Early Access Preview

We’re happy to announce the beginning of the Early Access Preview program for PyCharm 2.7. The new version is focused on improving our support for core Python development and is planned for release before the end of this year. As … Continue reading

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PyCharm your Vim

Two observations after PyCon US: 1. Quite a surprise for us to find that so many Python developers use Vi/Vim for coding. 2. A big surprise for all Vim users to find that PyCharm provides an outstanding Vim emulation! Of … Continue reading

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