Python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 12 is now available

Just a quick heads up: we’ve just released a version of the Python plugin for the latest Early Access Preview build of IntelliJ IDEA 12 (build 123.4). The plugin includes the entire functionality of the current PyCharm 2.7 EAP, including several features which were previously only available in PyCharm (creating virtualenvs, using remote interpreters, creating UML diagrams for Python code etc.).

As usual, the plugin can be installed from the plugin manager (Settings | Plugins). Note that the support for reStructuredText and .po files is now available as two separate plugins (called “ReStructuredText Support” and “GNU GetText files support (*.po)”). Please install them separately from the plugin manager if you’re using these features in your Python project.

If you run into any problems with the plugin, please don’t hesitate to report them to the issue tracker.

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27 Responses to Python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 12 is now available

  1. Jonas Gröger says:

    What is the decision behind this? Is it a long-term goal to see PyCharm dead and integrate all the features in IntelliJ Idea?

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      There is absolutely no goal to see PyCharm dead. The idea has been the same all along – you can either buy a more expensive IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate license, add the Python plugin and have an experience that supports Python but is not in any way tailored to it, or you can buy a cheaper PyCharm license and have an experience that is focused purely on Python development. There are still significant UI differences between PyCharm and IntelliJ IDEA in areas like project setup, and they’re going to stay.

      • Robert says:

        You don’t mention that “Ultimate” is needed. So I can see how he might assume any version, including the CE version would be able to use the plugin.

        That isn’t the case as you noted and PyCharm will remain a separate stand-alone environment focused on Python and a plugin for the paid version of IDEA.

      • Nathan says:

        Currently I’m moving from PyCharm to IntelliJ IDEA exactly for the reason described by Dmitry. There was a need to work intensively with Ruby and JavaScript along with Python. Installing the python plug-in made python related actions and flows the same as at PyCharm.

  2. Michael Hood says:

    oh wow, this is awesome.

    Is this the goal for the other IDEs and their respectively plugins (namely PhpStorm, RubyMine)?

    would love to just be able to stay in IntelliJ all the time. :)

  3. Alex Besogonov says:

    And there was much rejoicing!


  4. Ahti Kitsik says:

    Excellent news!

    Are all pycharm plugins going to be available in IDEA 12 as it gets released?

    I’m trying to add Lua and Flask plugins in build 123.45 (IDEA 12 latest) and they do not seem to be listed (seeing them in PyCharm 2.6.3).
    Is there a custom plugin repo url that could be used for this?

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      The PyCharm Flask plugin is packaged inside the Python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA; you don’t need to install anything separately. The Lua plugin is not developed by JetBrains; please contact its developer regarding its availability.

  5. Jim Moffitt says:

    OK, where in the v12 for Mac UI do I load/enable Python and Ruby support? There is no Settings | Plugins option on the Mac. I had Python and Ruby enabled with my version 11.1, but now I don’t see a way to enabled. Help!

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      On a Mac, you can access the settings dialog through the “Preferences” menu item in the “IntelliJ IDEA” menu.

  6. Ryan Bennett says:

    I’ve got IDEA 12 with the Python plugin version 2.10.0 installed. When I create a new Python project, I see Django and Google App Engine framework support, however I do not see Flask support. What am I missing?

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      The Flask project template is not currently supported in IntelliJ IDEA. All other Flask support features just work in the plugin and do not require any configuration, so you can simply create a Flask app any way you want and enjoy the same set of productivity features as in PyCharm.

  7. Patrick says:

    Hi guys,

    this sounds really great, but I am not sure if it sounds right to me. This Python plugin, does it mean that if I have IntelliJ IDEA and want to code in Python, I can use this plugin to have the full PyCharm IDE and it´s features in IntelliJ IDEA (more or less)? I do not talk about an editor for Python, I really mean PyCharms great functionallity. I am asking because I want to buy IntelliJ, but also want to code professionell in Python with PyCharm which means I need to buy 2 IDE`s.

    Best regards,

  8. lordB8r says:

    I’ve installed the Python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 12 Ultimate, yet whenever I try to create a new project, I don’t see anything available for Python. How can I get that as an option?

  9. Erik says:

    Much thanks for this. Installation was easy, and now I am happy coding away in python using IntelliJ Ultimate 12.

    However, I am finding that many of my imports are not resolving — lots of red underlines. I do not think I have configured this plugin correctly for the projects I am working on. Is there a guide which shows how to configure projects using this plugin? Or a better forum than this blogpost for community support?

  10. Mick says:

    I’ve just had a look at IntelliJ IDEA 12 in comparison to PyCharm and it doesn’t seem to have buildout support, does it exist or will it be available at any time in the future?

  11. Aristotel says:

    I am newbie in IntelliJ IDEA & PyCharm. I’v just installed IntelliJ IDEA with Python plugin. I am reading this instruction about creating virtual environments in PyCharm and stuck on the phrase “Open the project settings, and click Python Interpreters page”. I opened project settings, but there is no Python Interpreters item. Please advise

  12. Peter says:

    In English one says: develop with pleasure, not: with pleasure develop.

  13. GH says:

    Can we install PyCharm plugins into PhpStorm?

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      No. If you need to use Python and PHP in the same environment, your only option is to use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate with Python and PHP plugins installed.

  14. Alex Voinea says:

    Can I use IntelliJ Community Edition with the Python plugin for commercial development ?

    • Ernst Haagsman says:

      You commented on a blog post from 2012. For current versions, the Python plugin is unavailable for IntelliJ Community Edition. If you’d like to use a single IDE, you can use IntelliJ Ultimate with the Python plugin. You’re welcome to use both IntelliJ Community Edition and PyCharm Community Edition for commercial development.

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