PyCharm 2.7 EAP build 124.138

After an unfortunately long delay, today we’ve published a new EAP build of PyCharm 2.7. Noteworthy changes are:

  • The dark look & feel from IntelliJ IDEA 12 is now included and fully supported in PyCharm (Settings | Appearance | Theme | Darcula)
  • Change Signature and Introduce Parameter refactorings are now supported for Python code
  • Vagrant integration makes it much easier to configure a remote interpreter and FTP deployment if you’re using Vagrant to run your development environment in a VM

The development of the IdeaVIM plugin also continues, with a new update published today.

Unfortunately the patch-based upgrade is not available for this build; please download a complete installer from the EAP page. You can also check the release notes for the new build.

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7 Responses to PyCharm 2.7 EAP build 124.138

  1. DhilipSiva says:

    Awesome. Vagrant integration will be very much useful. :)

  2. Joe Carroll says:

    (When) will this cool new Vagrant integration feature be added to IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine etc?

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      Vagrant support makes sense only in conjunction with remote interpreter support (running an interpeter on a remote machine over SSH). Remote interpreters are supported in PyCharm and RubyMine 5, and the Vagrant integration is available for both of them. Remote interpreter support is not really applicable to the Java world (application servers usually solve the same problem in a better way), so we have no plans to support Vagrant in IntelliJ IDEA.

      • Michael says:

        So, what’s the best way of working with Java on a VM (vagrant), using IntelliJ, then?

      • Chad Gallemore says:

        I use IDEA as my primary IDE and do all my python work via the Python plugin, is there no option to install the Vagrant plugin otherwise?

  3. Kuba Gaj says:

    Does it mean it won’t be installed in IntelliJ IDEA, even as part of ruby/python plugins?
    I write in many languages and opted for IDEA Ultimate version, I use vagrant and would like to see this supported for my php/ruby/node projects.

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      Right now Vagrant is not available in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate at all. It’s likely that in the future it will be available as a separately downloadable plugin that will be able to work together with the Ruby/Python plugins.

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