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PyCharm 2.7 EAP build 124.253

Today we’ve released a new EAP build of PyCharm 2.7. The big new feature in this build is support for syntax highlighting based on TextMate bundles. TextMate bundles (also used by Sublime Text 2) have been created for most of the programming languages and other text file types in use nowadays, and now you can enjoy good quality syntax highlighting when working with those files even if they lack native support in PyCharm.

(Previously you could use PyCharm’s custom file types for this purpose, but they’re quite a bit more limited in capabilities, and there are much fewer custom file type configurations available).

Note that we don’t currently support snippets or menu commands defined in the bundles; bundles are only used for syntax highlighting. It’s possible that the support will be extended in the future.

In addition to that, there’s the usual amount of bugfixes, in areas such as the Django support, test runner, code formatting and others.

As usual, the new build can be downloaded from the EAP page.

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