Announcing PyCharm 2016.1.1

Today we are pleased to announce the PyCharm 2016.1.1 bug-fix update. It has been uploaded and is now available from the download page. It also will be available shortly as a patch update from within the IDE (from PyCharm 2016.1 only).

Some notable highlights of this update include:

  • Fixed wrong indentation after copy-paste
  • Fixed generation of reStructuredText doc strings for methods with parameters
  • Fixed folding of custom regions
  • Fixed numerous false positives in formatted strings
  • Fixed wrong highlighting of parameters in formatted strings
  • A fix for a problem with “Gevent compatible” debugger’s mode

Fixes for various Docker Compose support problems and a fix for extra libraries indexing are currently under way and will get to the next bug update.

For further details on the bug fixes and changes, please consult the Release Notes.
As usual, please report any problem you found in the issue tracker.

If you would like to discuss your experiences with PyCharm, we look forward to your feedback in the comments to this blog post and on twitter.

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16 Responses to Announcing PyCharm 2016.1.1

  1. Marcus Low says:

    After patching, the entire IDE freezes up. Windows Task Manager shows 36.64 Average CPU usage with ~380Mb of RAM in use. The whole IDE is frozen, even after restart.

  2. Marcus Low says:

    Freezing was fixed with re-install from the download page.

  3. Matthew H. Wagner says:

    Yay! Glad there was a pretty quick turn around on these annoying bugs. Copy-paste and reStructuredText were driving me mad.

  4. ilya says:

    Thank you so much for fixing the copy/paste bug issue, thought it was a bad setting somewhere for very long time. Such a pain to fix it all the time. Thanks again!

  5. Stanislav Povyshev says:

    It is an impossible bug for me guys! In console window when Show Python Prompt is pressed I can’t do horizontal scroll at all. Hey, do you use Pycharm to code at all?
    This bug lives since 2016 version, guys. I love your product but you need real QA testers.

  6. cristake says:

    If u click update and restart nothing happens(it says downloading patch then the app restarts and prompts again to update).
    I am running windows 8.1 64 bit using pycharm comunity edition

  7. Sergio says:

    I’m in the same situation. The new version freezes the interface.

  8. Damon Lynch says:

    I’ve reverted to version 5.04, as a bug in 2016.1.1 stops analysis of a big class in my code. When you have no access to tools like the structure panel, code completion and find usages, you realize how much you come to depend on them!

  9. Nathan Shafer says:

    I’m anxious to use the new docker-compose stuff, but I’m stopped by the “env file” bug and the named volume bug, which are both marked as fixed in the bug tracker. Any estimate on when the docker-compose fixes will come out? In the meantime I’m doing some wacky config to run my app locally but connect to the DB in my postgres container.

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