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Meet the PyCharm Team at PyCon 2016

May 28th – June 5th, the JetBrains PyCharm Team will be in Portland, Oregon for PyCon 2016. As usual, we sponsor the event and will have a JetBrains PyCharm booth in the Expo Hall during the main conference days.


The show represents a great opportunity to meet a large part of the PyCharm Team, learn about current developments, watch a live demo or just say hi. We invite you to stop by our booth with your questions and chat about your experiences with PyCharm and other JetBrains tools. We will be raffling PyCharm licenses so be sure to register and grab some of our cool giveaways.

PyCharm team members are going to attend two very important satellite events: Python Language Summit (May 28th) and Python Education Summit (May 29th). Andrey Vlasovskikh will give a talk on PEP 484 and Type Hinting adoption. Dmitry Filippov and Anna Morozova will be at Education Summit to talk about PyCharm Edu and current JetBrains educational initiatives. If you’ll be there, feel free to find and chat with us about latest trends in the Python world.

Also, some of our developers will join the Development Sprints (June 2nd – 5th). Would you like to join us or invite to your own sprint? Come to our booth to discuss things!

We’re looking forward to meeting you at PyCon!

-PyCharm team


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