Webinar: “10 Tips on Pythonic Code” with Michael Kennedy, July 6

If you’re a Python developer interested in the next step towards Pythonic code, with PyCharm as a productivity boost, then our next webinar is a must-attend. Michael Kennedy, well-known Python podcaster, speaker, writer, and trainer, is our guest for a PyCharm webinar on “10 Tips for Pythonic Code”.

  • 16:00 CEST / 10:00 AM EDT
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One of the special concepts in Python is the idea of writing idiomatic code that is most aligned with the language features and ideals. In Python, we call this idiomatic code Pythonic. While this idea is easy to understand, it turns out to be fairly hard to make concrete.

In this webinar, Michael Kennedy from the Talk Python To Me podcast will take you on a tour of 10 of the more popular and useful code examples demonstrating examples of Pythonic code. In the examples, you’ll first see non-Pythonic code and then the more natural Pythonic version.

Topics covered include the expansive use of dictionaries, hacking Python’s memory usage via slots, using generators, comprehensions, and generator expressions, creating subsets of collections via slices (all the way to the database) and more. Several of these are Python 3 features so you’ll have even more reason to adopt Python 3 for your next project.

Speaking to you

Michael Kennedy is an author, instructor, and speaker. He is the host of the Talk Python To Me podcast and founder of Talk Python Training, an online training company for Python developers. Michael has taught over 100 week-long training courses to professional software development teams throughout the world and is an expert in Python, MongoDB, and .NET among other technologies.


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