Webinar Recording: 10 Tips for Pythonic Code

The recording of our July 6th webinar, 10 Tips for Pythonic Code with Michael Kennedy, is now available on the JetBrains YouTube Channel. Michael’s code used in the recording along with the script for each step in the webinar can be found on GitHub and the webinar slides on SlideShare.

Michael did a fantastic job, making this one of the highest-rated JetBrains webinars to date. He’s obviously very good at speaking and teaching, and prepared heavily for this webinar with well-commented sample code.

About “10 Tips on Pythonic Code” with Michael Kennedy

If you’re a Python developer interested in the next step towards Pythonic code, with PyCharm as a productivity boost, then our next webinar is a must-attend. Michael Kennedy, well-known Python podcaster, speaker, writer, and trainer, is our guest for a PyCharm webinar on “10 Tips for Pythonic Code”.

If you like this presentation and want to dig deeper into Pythonic code, check out Michael’s full course Write Pythonic Code Like a Seasoned Developer which covers over 50 Pythonic topics.

Video Contents

  1. (1:03) What is Pythonic?
  2. (2:43) Dictionaries for performance
  3. (11:01) Memory efficiency with __slots__
  4. (20:50) Merge dicts
  5. (29:05) Yield and generator methods
  6. (37:45) Lambda expressions
  7. (42:04) Adding iteration to custom types
  8. (47:26) Comprehensions and expressions
  9. (58:01) JSON back and forth (files and web services)
  10. (1:01:30) Slicing (collections and databases)
  11. (1:05:56) yield + recursion

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