PyCharm 2017.1 Early Access Program Started

Even though PyCharm 2016.3 was only released last month, we haven’t been idle, and we have been working hard on improving PyCharm. If you want to have a sneak peek at what’s coming in the next version of PyCharm, you can download our Early Access Program (EAP) versions which we will be releasing regularly from now on until the release.

In this first EAP release for PyCharm 2017.1 we’ve included these features:

  • Zero latency typing as a default. Pavel Fatin, a developer at JetBrains, has done extensive research into editor latency. With his improvements, typing in IDEA-based IDEs (like PyCharm) is now faster than it is in editors like Atom, Sublime Text, Emacs and Notepad++.Editor latency in Linux (XML file)
  • Semantic highlighting assigns colors to function parameters so you can see at a glance where they’re being used in the function.semantic-highlighting
  • Breadcrumbs let you know where you are within your project. Very useful when you’re working with deep hierarchies.breadcrumbs
  • Better VCS log viewer: you can now search a commit using regex, and choose whether or not the search is case sensitive.vcs-log
  • Web development improvements from WebStorm: Mocha test integration and ECMAscript 6 array intentions. See the WebStorm blog for more details!

Several bugs have been fixed as well:

  • Flask extension namespaces (deprecation of flask.ext.*) [pro only]
  • Passing arguments from Tox run configuration [pro only]
  • Django test runner hanging on error creating a database [pro only]
  • BDD: Running scenario outlines separately [pro only]
  • A number of fixes for code insight and type checking
  • Hangs on live templates invocation
  • A few fixes for code refactorings
  • Show command line after running a script

We’d like to invite you to try this EAP build and to let us know how you like it. If you encounter any issues with the EAP you can report an issue on our issue tracker. You can also reach out to us by commenting on this blog post, or by tweeting us. If you’d like to let us know about a feature you’d like us to develop, please let us know as well!

Finally, we’d like to wish you a happy 2017, we hope your code in the next year will be better than ever before!

-PyCharm Team
The Drive to Develop

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15 Responses to PyCharm 2017.1 Early Access Program Started

  1. Alex Grönholm says:

    build.txt inside pycharm-professional-171.2014.23.tar.gz says “PY-163.10154.45” and the IDE claims to be 2016.3.2. Are you sure the correct build has been packaged?

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  3. Massimiliano della Rovere says:

    Great job!

  4. Daniel Wolf says:

    This is fantastic news on the latency! Sadly it won’t affect me much since I’m a slow typist. The delay that concerns me is usually load times. A lot of that (for a developer) is fixed just my getting an SSD and can’t be helped via software, I suppose.

  5. weirdxl says:

    It is awesome that assigning a color to each function parameter. But why not hightlight “function call” and “variable” like other IDEA-based IDEs? I think it is necessary.

    • Ernst Haagsman says:

      I just checked with the development team: We don’t highlight function calls, and neither does IntelliJ IDEA, we do highlight local variables. However, we don’t highlight class variables, as you could reference it with a qualifier, and we want to be consistent with other qualified references.

  6. Bartosz Leper says:

    I’ve just downloaded it, hoping that it’s gonna improve my experience with the sluggish editor. Unfortunately, I’m seeing no improvement at all. :(

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