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Webinar Recording: Visual Debugging

Our April 25th webinar on Visual Debugging went quite well: just over 1 hour, a lot of fun, and covered nearly all of the topics. The recording is now available on YouTube. Additionally, the code and slides used are available in a GitHub repository.

“Visually Debugging” is a theme that we plan to touch on repeatedly during 2017. For example, we have tutorial proposals for DjangoCon and EuroPython that expand on the topics in this webinar, conducted in a hands-on, 3-hour format.

About Visual Debugging

PyCharm puts a visual face on debugging and we’d like to help more developers take the plunge and debug. In this webinar, Paul Everitt, PyCharm Developer Advocate, introduced the debugger and went through many of the essentials in the context of writing a 2d game.

This webinar was aimed at developers who have never used the debugger, but even those familiar with PyCharm’s visual debugging will learn some new tricks and see some deeper usages.

Video Contents

1. (3:05) Debugging without PyCharm’s debugger: print and pdb
2. (6:18) First use of the debugger (and the Cython speedups)
3. (12:18) Interactive use
4. (19:47) Breakpoints
5. (29:16) Stepping
6. (40:43) Watch expressions
7. (44:11) Stack Frames
8. (48:17) Debugging during testing
9. (50:22) Attaching to processes
10. (52:11) Extracting type information
12. (58:52) Extra credit: Debugging JavaScript in Node and Chrome, configure stepping, keyboard shortcuts, show execution points, mute breakpoints, inspect watch value

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