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PyCharm 2017.2.4 RC now available

Happy Friday everyone,

Today we’ve published PyCharm 2017.2.4 Release Candidate. It’s now available for download from Confluence.

Important bug fixes in this version:

  • a fix for StackOverflowException during code analysis
  • a fix for unresolved True, False and None keywords in docstrings
  • a fix for unexpected arguments inspection in functions with keyword-only arguments

Read full release notes

Download it now from the Confluence EAP page

We’d like to invite you to try out this version, if you run into any issues please let us know on YouTrack.

Using Ubuntu? Try installing PyCharm 2017.2.4 RC with snap packages:

1. Install PyCharm Professional Edition or PyCharm Community Edition EAP from the ‘edge’ channel:

$sudo snap install [pycharm-professional | pycharm-community] --classic --candidate

2. Run PyCharm:

$[pycharm-professional | pycharm-community]

Give us your feedback on your snap installation experience on Twitter or in comments to this blog post! Read more about how snaps work.

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