Webinar: “GraphQL in the Python World”

GraphQL is a new way of communicating with your data sources. It might replace RESTful APIs because it provides a better framework for dealing with your data. This webinar is about what GraphQL is and what problems it actually solves in comparison to RESTful APIs. Then, if you like it, how you can get started using the Python graphene library, and how to use it with different ORMs like Django and SQLAlchemy as well as Python web frameworks like Flask and Pyramid.

  • Tuesday, October 31
  • 17:00 European Time, 11AM Eastern Standard Time
  • Register here


This webinar will provide both a theoretical perspective as well as hands-on demos to showcase what GraphQL is, what it is capable of, and how it can benefit in your own jobs and side projects.

Technical Requirements

  • Understanding of Web Development
  • Understanding of RESTful Web Services
  • Experience with at least one Python web framework like Flask, Django or Pyramid

Speaking to you

Quazi Nafiul is a software engineer at Suitsupply. He has been building REST APIs for over five years professionally. He has used pretty much every major web framework in the Python ecosystem. He’s given talks at multiple PyCons including APAC and Germany. He is currently working on evangelizing GraphQL to those who have used REST and are looking for better alternatives.

Quazi is also the author of Mastering PyCharm.

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