Webinar Recording: Visual Testing with Kenneth Love

Last week we had a wonderful webinar on visual testing with Kenneth Love, Python teacher and speaker extraordinaire. The recording is now available:

During the webinar, Kenneth covered quite a bit of material:

  • Start with a game in a Python package
  • Use PyCharm to generate the first test
  • Different ways to run and see tests
  • Switch to pytest, then fixtures, then
  • A TDD-style view, code side-by-side with test, and autorun turned on
  • Using the visual debugger during visual testing
  • Also using visual test coverage

This webinar lasted a little over an hour with probably the record number of questions. If we didn’t get to yours, or if you watch the recording and have a question, file a comment on the YouTube page, on this blog post, or reach us on Twitter. You can also nudge Kenneth on Twitter as well.

Note: My (Paul) audio was too loud, spoke too close to mic. Lesson learned for next time.

<em>-PyCharm Team</em>
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