Webinar Recording: “Putting Type Hints to Work” with Daniel Pyrathon

Tuesday’s “Putting Type Hints to Work” webinar with Daniel Pyrathon went very, very well. Daniel covered a difficult topic, starting with a small bit of code and gradually introducing type hinting to cover real-world coding scenarios. And lots of good questions from an audience that stayed the whole time.

Specifically, Daniel covered:

  • Type hints
  • Type checkers
  • Live coding a banking application
  • Review of 3 other tools that use type annotations

The recording is 1 hour 8 minutes. If you have any questions about the material, post them here and we’ll either try to answer or ask Daniel to pitch in. Thanks to Daniel and thanks to everyone that participated.

-PyCharm Team
The Drive to Develop

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  1. Curtis says:

    Great intro to type hinting with mypy covering most use-cases. Also, briefly touches on pyannotate and pydantic.

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