Webinar Recording: “Productive pytest With PyCharm”

Paul Everitt

February 22nd we had Brian Okken on for a webinar titled "Productive pytest With PyCharm". Brian is the author of the recent book Python Testing with pytest and host of the Test and Code podcast. The recording is now available:


This webinar was a follow-on to the introductory Visual Testing with PyCharm October 2017 webinar with Kenneth Love. As such, Brian did a deeper dive into the intermediate features of pytest:

  • Good style for asserts
  • Refactoring verbose tests into fixtures and conftest.py files
  • Refactoring fixtures
  • Using parameterize to repeat similar tests
  • Other uses of markers
  • Coverage

Brian’s webinar material (including notes) are available in a GitHub repo.

The recording is 1 hour and 29 minutes (we had lots of questions). If you have any questions about the material, post them here and we’ll either try to answer or ask Brian to pitch in. Thanks to Brian and thanks to everyone that participated…quite a number of good questions and even helpful answers from the audience (Cody, David.)

-PyCharm Team-
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2 Responses to Webinar Recording: “Productive pytest With PyCharm”

  1. David Tozer says:

    April 27, 2018

    Hi, in Brian’s webinar his Pycharm IDE executes code complete for @pytest.mark.parametize(…).

    How do you enable this pytest code complete on a fresh Pycharm install such as my own?

    • Paul Everitt says:

      April 27, 2018

      Can you give the minute/second mark where it happens?


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