Webinar Recording: “Build-a-GitHub-Bot” with Mariatta Wijaya

This week we had a wonderful guest for a truly-useful webinar: Mariatta Wijaya from Zapier showed us how to write bots to automate our GitHub work (as well as “zaps” for just about any service.) The recording is now available:

Mariatta led with a five minute discussion on a different topic: she’s on the core Python team, so what’s it like being a core Python contributor? We were very fortunate to have her give a sneak peak behind the curtains of the software the we all depend on.

She then covered material from her Build-a-GitHub-Bot Workshop. (Note: she also gave this as a 3 hour tutorial at PyCon, recording available.) She started with a bot that filed GitHub Issues, running from her laptop. She then switched to a bot triggered by a webhook, hosted at Heroku. With a wrap-up demo of the gorgeous Zapier UI for gluing together services.

Big thanks to Mariatta as well as the audience that turned out to learn something very useful.

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