Webinar Recording: “10 Tools and Techniques Python Web Developers Should Explore” with Michael Kennedy

Our friend Michael Kennedy joined us yesterday for a webinar on tips every Python web developer could benefit from. As is usual with his webinars, it was a lot of fun, very well-prepared, and packed a ton of useful information. The recording is now available as well as his repository of examples.

During the webinar, Michael covered the following material:

  • 1:50: HTML5 Form Features
  • 7:40: ngrok
  • 14:57: async/await
  • 28:49: Database Migrations
  • 42:27: Vue.js for rich frontend
  • 46:52: View Models
  • 50:32: Docker
  • 53:24: letsencrypt for SSL
  • 59:33:
  • 1:00:20: Wrapup

Further material is available: previous webinar on async/await, his course on concurrency, his course on MongoDB, his “Effective PyCharm” book with Matt Harrison, and his Mastering PyCharm course, in addition to his podcasts.

Thanks again Michael for helping PyCharm users get up-to-speed on these important topics.

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