Webinar Recording: “Advanced Debugging in PyCharm”

Last week we held a special webinar for “Advanced Debugging in PyCharm”. Special how? In person, in the St. Petersburg office, with the two PyCharm team members in charge of the debugger, and a huge webinar audience. The recording is now available.

In this webinar, Liza Shashkova covered a long list of intermediate debugger tips and features, done in the context of writing a Tetris game using Arcade. Quite a number of really useful features, including some that even the pros might not know about.

Andrey Lisin did one section on remote debugging in PyCharm Professional, followed by a series of slides on the architecture of debuggers. This came from an internal talk Liza and he gave to the team when we were planning upcoming features.

Liza has a repo for her part and Andrey’s material is also available.

We wound up with a big turnout of attendees with a bunch of good questions: just what we were hoping for.

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