Webinar Recording: “Advanced Debugging in PyCharm”

Last week we held a special webinar for “Advanced Debugging in PyCharm”. Special how? In person, in the St. Petersburg office, with the two PyCharm team members in charge of the debugger, and a huge webinar audience. The recording is now available.

In this webinar, Liza Shashkova covered a long list of intermediate debugger tips and features, done in the context of writing a Tetris game using Arcade. Quite a number of really useful features, including some that even the pros might not know about.

Andrey Lisin did one section on remote debugging in PyCharm Professional, followed by a series of slides on the architecture of debuggers. This came from an internal talk Liza and he gave to the team when we were planning upcoming features.

Liza has a repo for her part and Andrey’s material is also available.

We wound up with a big turnout of attendees with a bunch of good questions: just what we were hoping for.

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  1. Stefan says:

    Thanks for another great webinar (recording). It would be good if you could add the video and webinar tags to this post. That way it shows up in the video category of the blog along with all the other webinar recordings. Makes the life of my feedreader easier :-)

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