Webinar Recording: “Security Checks for Python Code” with Anthony Shaw

Last week we had a webinar on Python security with Anthony Shaw. He covered a number of places where Python code, including popular frameworks, run into security vulnerabilities. He also showed his PyCharm plugin for showing and fixing known vulnerabilities. The webinar recording is now available.

So much covered in this webinar! Anthony discussed common Python security vulnerabilities, how his plugin helps, how to run it in continuous integration, and more.


  • 00:30: Demo the application being used
  • 01:30: Installing the plugin
  • 03:49: Show some reported vulnerabilities
  • 04:28: Running the checks manually
  • 05:15: First round of questions
  • 11:20: Investigate first vulnerability
  • 15:30: Second round of questions
  • 16:20: Browsing the shipped list of inspections/vulnerabilities
  • 20:58: Code inspection tool
  • 26:58: Third round of questions
  • 30:38: Django-specific app vulnerability
  • 36:35: Show documentation page with full list of vulnerabilities
  • 38:28: Fourth round of questions
  • 44:07: Running checks in continuous integration (CI) via Docker image, headless PyCharm
  • 47:07: Final round of questions
  • 51:18: Suppressing warnings on a specific line
  • 52:21: “View on Marketplace” for the GitHub Action
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