Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 2020.2 EAP#4

The last PyCharm EAP build before the release candidate is ready and comes with a lot of new functionalities! Let’s take a look into three UX-related improvements that will make your development experience smoother.

Improved Git Merge, Pull and Rebase dialogs

PyCharm 2020.2 brings redesigned Git dialogs for actions like Merge, Pull, and Rebase. The goal is to make it less cluttered and more straightforward so you can easily understand the command being executed as well as some options such as –rebase in the Pull dialog and –no-verify in Merge.

New Git merge dialog

New Git pull dialog

New Git rebase dialog


Auto-enabled ‘f-strings’

How many times did you forget to add that simple f before an f-string just to see yourself going back to the beginning of your statement to add it later on? PyCharm now solves this small (and annoying) issue for you! As soon as you add a curly brace within a string statement PyCharm will provide you code completion and will automatically add the f for you.

New inspections widget

We are happy to introduce you to the new inspections widget present in PyCharm 2020.2. The new widget makes it easier for you to have a quick overview of your current file problems, including errors, warnings, and typos. The widget is also configurable, meaning that you can make sure to see only the problems that are important for you. It allows you to navigate the different issues and, most importantly, it enables you to dive in to get more detailed information.


Try it now!

Like what you see? Download this EAP from our website* and find more details about this build in our release notes.

*Due to a technical problem no patches are available in this release. If you are interested in trying PyCharm 2020.2 EAP#4 you should download the full installer.

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