Webinar: “Simplify Your Tests With Fixtures” with Oliver Bestwalter

Fixtures can make your tests simpler and easier to maintain by using or creating common abstractions to be shared amongst your tests. In this webinar with Oliver Bestwalter we will look at what problems fixtures solve and how they can be used to make your testing life easier.

  • Tuesday, July 28
  • 6:00PM CEST – 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time
  • Aimed at people already familiar with pytest and testing but no or only little experience with fixtures
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Fixtures are a powerful and important part of the value of pytest. They are also an area that is mysterious for newcomers and some delay learning about them.

Delay no longer! This webinar walks you through the why and how, plus lets you ask questions along the way.

  • What problem do fixtures solve?
  • What are the essentials I need to know about fixtures?
  • How do I find and use built-in or 3rd party fixtures?
  • How can I create custom fixtures?
  • How can I share my custom fixtures between projects?

Speaking To You

Oliver Bestwalter is a Software Developer at Avira and a coach at the Python Academy.

Oliver fell in love with Open Source in the 1990s and with Python in 2006. He creates and helps maintain test and automation tools helping developers and companies to produce better software more effectively. If his time allows, he helps out in Open Source development, gives talks at meetups and conferences and provides customized in-house courses – visit his personal website for details.

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