Webinar Recording: “Simplify Your Tests With Fixtures” with Oliver Bestwalter

Enjoy pytest and curious about fixtures? Last week we hosted Oliver Bestwalter for a webinar on how to use pytest fixtures to simplify your test code. The recording is now available.


Lots got covered which also meant we went a little over on time. That’s ok, as the topics were worth it:

  • 07:03 – Examples and explanation in a notebook
  • 12:40 – First fixture example in code
  • 13:55 – Discuss mechanics using tmppath fixture
  • 20:30 – Use fixtures to manipulate paths in settings
  • 23:50 – Use pytest argument to show fixtures in use
  • 26:50 – Use PyCharm to move around fixtures
  • 29:32 – Custom fixture
  • 30:21 – Monkeypatching
  • 33:26 – Fixture dependencies and usefixtures
  • 36:20 – How are fixtures looked up?
  • 43:16 – Fixture gotchas
  • 52:15 – Fixture scopes
  • 55:30 – Parametrizing fixtures
  • 56:50 – Parametrizing tests

Speaking To You

Oliver Bestwalter is a Software Developer at Avira and a coach at the Python Academy.

Oliver fell in love with Open Source in the 1990s and with Python in 2006. He creates and helps maintain test and automation tools helping developers and companies to produce better software more effectively. If his time allows, he helps out in Open Source development, gives talks at meetups and conferences and provides customized in-house courses – visit his personal website for details.

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