Webinar: “Django Database Performance Tips” with Andrew Brookins

Django is one of the most popular Python Web Frameworks. However, optimizing django performance can often be difficult. Most performance problems boil down to one thing: the database. According to our guest speaker, Andrew Brookins, the only way to master Django performance is to master database performance.

In this Webinar, Andrew is going to take us on a journey through an app that he created to demonstrate all the bottlenecks that arise when trying to optimize your Django app.

  • Monday, August 10
  • 7:00PM CEST – 1:00PM Eastern Daylight Time
  • Register here


  • Querying
    • Tackling the N+1 Problem: Reducing the number of queries to make your pages faster.
    • Annotations: Getting your database to do the heavy lifting for you
    • Iterator(): Get Django to chuck responses from your database
  • Indexing
    • Covering Indexes: Turning queries that take several hundred milliseconds to tens of milliseconds.
    • Materialized Views: One of the most powerful ways to have large queries created for you
  • Caching with Redis
    • Using Redis as a Cache
    • Custom Redis Authentication

About the Speaker

Andrew Brookins has over a decade of experience with Django and Relational Databases. That experience spans DevOps, application development, and platform engineering. He has worked on ecommerce sites, mobile APIs, comic book readers, particle simulation systems, learning and volunteering apps, and now works on a Databases as a Service at Redis Labs.

Andrew has also authored "Temple of Django Database Performance" which dives into the even greater detail than this webinar does. Furthermore, he has recently released a course on "Redis for Python Developers" at Redis University.

Andrew lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two wonderful children.

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