Webinar Recording: “From The Docs: PyCharm Skills, Beginner to Advanced” with Alla Redko

PyCharm has broad, useful, up-to-date documentation. How does it get made? Who works on it? What are some hidden gems? Last week we had a webinar covering this with Alla Redko, technical writer for PyCharm, and the recording is now available.

We covered a bunch of ground in this video:

  • Background on the PyCharm docs, how it feeds into the development process

  • A tour of the docs for Code completion with a demo section

  • Same for and intermediate demo on Configuring Python Interpreters with a long discussion about the help docs for this

  • An audience-participation segment discussing "onboarding" and what we can do to improve this

Lots of useful questions from the audience, so thanks to all the PyCharmers who participated and helped.

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