Early Access PyCharm Podcast — Episode 3: The One where Kirill talks about Version Control

Welcome to Early Access PyCharm, a brand-new podcast that goes behind the scenes of how the PyCharm IDE is made and all the thinking that goes into it. In the upcoming episodes, you will hear from the people who work daily to make you more productive and your code even better.

Episode 3

In this episode, we talk to Kirill, a proud member of the VCS (Version Control System) team, here at JetBrains. This is the team behind all your git support in your IDE. This is an interesting conversation, because the world of Version Control was not always so uniform.

A decade ago there were many competing applications, but most recently, git has come out victorious. Kirill talks about how the initial version control program in IntelliJ came to be, and how it supported both distributed and centralised systems.

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