Let’s Celebrate PyCharm’s 10th!

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PyCharm is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over the last decade, PyCharm has grown alongside Python, carefully following changes in the language and adjusting to the feedback of Python developers. This whole time, the PyCharm team has spared no effort to make PyCharm more enjoyable and productive for its users to work with.

Looking back, we can clearly see that PyCharm is not just a purely commercial product – it’s also the result of community-driven development. Our users have contributed immensely to making PyCharm better through all these years.

We are proud of the work made up to these days, and prepared PyCharm birthday page with a special ‘thank you’ message to our users, as well as a timeline with important milestiones, and a challenge.

PyCharm timeline

The Podcast

If you feel more like listening to a story than reading it, a nice way to understand where PyCharm comes from is to listen to the latest episode of the Early Access PyCharm Podcast by our developer advocate Nafiul Islam, with one of the PyCharm originators, Dmitry Jemerov. Dmitry shares why PyCharm was created in the first place, and more importantly, why we released PyCharm Community Edition (spoiler: Dmitry loved Python so much that he wanted Python developers to have proper tooling, even if they were just beginning to learn Python).

The Challenge

As we celebrate PyCharm’s 10th anniversary, we want to thank every single PyCharm user and Python developer. You all helped us to get this far, so we think this is the perfect time to put the spotlight on you.

We are looking for 10 the most groundbreaking projects created with PyCharm in the last 10 years so we want to invite you to share the Python project that you are created using PyCharm, and vote for other projects in our showcase.

You can submit your projects in this Twitter thread until the 20th of November, then we will announce the shortlist so the community can vote. The 10 projects with the most votes will be awarded the title PyCharm Project of the Decade, and their authors will receive limited edition hoodies.


Thank you all for using PyCharm. It has been a great decade and we look forward to the next one! Check out PyCharm’s 10th anniversary birthday page for all celebration details.

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