Webinar: “What It’s Like To Do Instructional Videos on YouTube” with Nelson Jamal

Want to learn about producing technical videos on YouTube and gaining an audience? Nelson Jamal, who has experience with both, joins us to take a deep look at his soon-to-be-released PyCharm tutorial on YouTube: planning, recording, and publishing. He’ll compare these with some of his other popular videos and what he’s learned along the way.

  • Thursday, November 19
  • 12:00 Eastern Standard Time
  • Register here

Speaking To You

Nelson is a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur who wants to make an impact in today’s world. He runs a YouTube channel and Amigoscode website where he teaches people around the world how to code.

Nelson’s main goal is to encourage and inspire people from all ages to try the career path of Software Engineering and give people confidence they need to be successful. He has a strong belief in programming/technology and wants to make it accessible to anyone by providing free, intuitive and easy to follow programming courses and tutorials allowing students to get ready for job opportunities, university and bootcamps projects.

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