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PyCharm Supports Django – you can too!

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For those developers, whose daily work benefits from the Django framework.


As you probably know, the Django framework is built and maintained by community members. This might give you the impression that Django is effortlessly built by itself, but the truth is that the organization needs strong management and efficient communication. Making major Django releases every 8 months and bug fixes every month is no small task! That’s why the Django Fellowship program exists and why Django Software Foundation needs support from the community – both technical and financial.

Moreover, the Django Software Foundation supports community development and outreach projects such as Django Girls.

You can read more about the DSF activities here.

Support Django!

JetBrains is participating in a Django fundraising campaign – this year is the fifth iteration of this initiative. Over the past four years, JetBrains PyCharm has raised more than $140,000 for the Django Software Foundation.

How does it work?

During this campaign, you can buy a new individual license for PyCharm Professional for 30% off, and the full purchase price will go to the DSF’s general fundraising efforts and the Django Fellowship program.

This campaign will help the DSF maintain a healthy Django project and continue contributing to their various outreach programs.

Only with our support can Django make sure that the Web framework you base your work on can grow to be even better in the coming years. Don’t hesitate to share the link to the fundraising campaign with your fellow developers, who benefit from Django. Together we can support Django a lot!

Support Django!

Stay at the edge of your efficiency with Django and PyCharm

PyCharm always tries to support the latest features in Django and other technologies and make working with them easier, so that you can spend more time and energy solving the really interesting problems in your projects.

To help you get even more out of PyCharm and Django, we often prepare tutorials and arrange webinars on Django-related topics. Here are some useful resources we have for learning about working with Django projects:

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