Webinar: “Simple, Fast Frontends with htmx” with Carson Gross

The web has changed in recent years. Modern websites mean lots of JavaScript on the frontend, sometimes supplanting HTML all together. You’re left with a pile of npm dependencies, wondering if it will work in future years.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In this hands-on webinar, we introduce htmx, part of a recent trend to slim down frontends and return to the original principles of the web, while still providing faster interactivity. htmx has taken off recently, and Carson Gross, its creator, is dropping by to explain the why, how and what.

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Day: Thursday
Date: July 22, 2021
TIME: 18:00 CEST


With htmx, you use HTML — yes, HTML — as the organizing idea. We’ll give you an orientation, then show lots of examples in action. Carson is a WebStorm fan, and since his motto is the HOWL stack — Hypertext On Whatever Language — he and Paul will collaborate to show usage on plain servers and Python backends.


  • Quick demo
  • What is htmx?
  • The problem being solved
  • Static demos
  • FastAPI demos
  • Django demos
  • Advanced discussion

About the Presenter

Carson runs Big Sky Software, teaches CS at a university, and is the CTO of LeadDyno. He is the creator of htmx, hyperscript and intercooler.js, and has been doing web programming since the late 1990s. His technical approach is to look for hot new trends in the industry and then do the opposite of that.

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