The PyCharm 2022.3.1 Release Candidate is out!

This build contains important bug fixes for PyCharm 2022.3. Look through the list of improvements and update to the latest version for a better experience.

Download PyCharm 2022.3.1 RC

  • Packaging: PyCharm no longer uses excessive disk space caching PyPI. [PY-57156]
  • HTTP client: Setting a proxy no longer breaks package inspection. [PY-57612]
  • Python console: Code that is run with the Emulate terminal in output console option enabled now has the correct indentation level. [PY-57706]
  • Inspections: The Loose punctuation mark inspection now works correctly for reStructuredText fields in docstrings. [PY-53047]
  • Inspections: Fixed an SOE exception where processing generic types broke error highlighting in the editor. [PY-54336]
  • Debugger: We fixed several issues for the debugger. [PY-57296], [PY-57055]
  • Code insight: Code insight for IntEnum properties is now correct. [PY-55734]
  • Code insight: Code insight has been improved for dataclass arguments when wildcard import is used. [PY-36158]

For the full list of improvements, please refer to the release notes. Share your feedback in the comments under this post or in our issue tracker.

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