Did you know? Finding usages…

No matter how long you know RubyMine, you can still find something new in it. I was doing Productivity Tips update just yesterday and found one thing I did not know

We quite often need to find where something is used in the file or in the project. And you most likely already know the Find Usages thing. But do you know all of its variations? Do you really?

Well, I did not.

There’s this great Show Usages that is very similar but shows the found usages in the popup where you can select a place to go to. The action is under Search menu and works with ⌘⌥F7/Ctrl+Alt+F7

Make sure you get to know all of the usages finding ways. The ‘Highlight Usages in File‘ is one of my favorite.

Posted by Eugene Toporov, Marketing Manager

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