RubyMine EAP build 784

New Early Access build of RubyMine is available. Chances are this is the last build before the Beta release. Here is the list of changes:

  • Improved “Analyze Stacktrace”. You can now match stacktrace from production server or other team member with your local project sources
  • Improved documentation rendering in quick documentation lookup
  • Smart Rails controllers renaming: helper, views, spec and test:unit tests are also renamed
  • Quick Rake Task popup
  • Single key selection surround with quotes, parentheses, etc.
  • Gem descriptions markup rendering added
  • Misc improvements to gem manager stability
  • RSpec 1.2.0 compatibility
  • And a number of other fixes and improvements. See complete release notes.

Download RubyMine EAP build 784 and let us know your thoughts.

The Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA has also been updated for all users of IntelliJ IDEA.

Also, you can now follow RubyMine on Twitter.

This is how documentation looks now when you press Ctrl+Q / ^J

image description