RubyMine 1.1 is out

We are glad to announce that RubyMine 1.1 is out!

Changes since the 1.1 RC build include support for Ruby and HTML highlighting inside HAML files, correct highlighting of server logs shown in debugger tabs, support for belongs_to/references in migration files, several parser fixes and more.

Download RubyMine, get evaluation key, if you do not have one yet, and try it!

Take a look at what’s new, watch our demos to discover all the features and improvements in release.

If you have questions about some features, ask on the forum and we’ll be glad to help.

Stay in touch!

-JetBrains RubyMine Team

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8 Responses to RubyMine 1.1 is out

  1. Wow, amazed at your release cycle! Many thanks for developing RubyMine.

  2. Richard McMahon says:

    Yay! This reminds of IDEA/Pandora days.

  3. Dennis Sutch says:

    This is good news. Thanks for the nice tool!

  4. I hate you. I was just testing 1.0 then I noticed an update 1.01 or something and now this is released. It’s hard to keep up with that pace. It turns out you’re faster on releasing new version than what I’m on taking a look at your products.

    JK. Keep up the great work :)

    I wish other companies have this release cycles, most don’t do it even for bug fixes and you even include new features.

    Love your products, specially R# and now that I’m trying RubyMine I’ve to say it’s great too.

  5. Chris Lerum says:

    Hello, my evaluation key has expired – i never tried RM during the month because didn’t use rails 2.3.2 yet. now that it does, i’d love to give it full try out. is possible? thanks

  6. Chris Lerum says:

    also, in this post you have ‘Take a loot’. should be ‘Take a look’ of course.

  7. Oleg Shpynov says:

    Thanks, fixed.

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