Viva RailsConf

RailsConf 2009 is over and we are on our way back from Las Vegas right now.

Visiting RailsConf was a really great experience: lots of passionate and smart people doing interesting presentations, keynotes, sessions and tutorials and simply sharing ideas. Let alone the pleasures in Las Vegas itself ;-)

Before going to the conference we had some fears: showing RubyMine, for the first time, face to face to a bunch of plain text editor devotees, after all. But it went just excellent! Those four days just flew by…

We found a big number of developers is already familiar with RubyMine and some had purchased it by then or did it during the conference. It was especially inspiring to receive a positive feedback personally. Several speakers and presenters have mentioned different RubyMine’s strengths such as refactoring, smart code completion and our neat version control integration. We are very grateful to everyone who shared their passion.

We spoke with more than 10% of attendees during the the conference and for every single person there was something interesting in RubyMine. This is what’s great about active communities—their members are generally open to new things.

They say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but we are bringing a lot with us. We cannot wait to get to the office to start processing the feedback we collected and implementing new features from the suggestions.

And, of course, really looking forward to more interesting events, with the next one being the RailswayCon, taking place in Berlin on May 25-27.

The photos are coming…

Posted by Eugene Toporov, Marketing Manager

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