RubyMine for Vim addicts

Despite our belief that RubyMine is the best we respect people’s favors with regard to the software they love. We are all geeks and ready to fight in holy wars about what’s best, right? :)

So, from the very beginning RubyMine has been providing a number of keyboard layouts: for NetBeans, Visual Studio, TextMate users, some nice color schemes and extensions. But what was missing until now is a decent support for Vim users.

Just yesterday we added so called ‘IdeaVIM’ plugin to RubyMine’s repository. You can install it from IDE Settings | Plugins panel. The plugin should work for RubyMine 1.1 and 1.5 EAP versions.

This plugin provides nearly complete vi/vim/gvim emulation while editing files in RubyMine. The following functionality is supported:

* Motion keys
* Deletion/Changing
* Insert mode commands
* Marks
* Registers
* VIM undo/redo
* Visual mode commands
* Some Ex commands
* Some :set options
* Full VIM regular expressions for search and search/replace
* Macros
* Diagraphs
* Command line history
* Search history
* Jumplists
* VIM help

Develop with pleasure of using your old habits in the best Ruby/Rails IDE ever!
-JetBrains RubyMine Team

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