RubyMine 2.5 EAP started, with Rails 3, JS debugger and more

We’re happy to announce the beginning of the Early Access Preview program for the next version of RubyMine, version 2.5.

The biggest new feature of RubyMine 2.5 is support for Rails 3. RubyMine now correctly runs the renamed Rails scripts, and many of the code insight features have been updated to handle the Rails 3 codebase correctly. Of course, what we have now is work in progress – some features may still not work, and you’re welcome to report any problems that you run into when migrating your projects to Rails 3. And by the way, RubyMine is now capable of highlighting usages of features which are deprecated in Rails 3, and we plan to provide additional migration tools in the final 2.5 release.

Besides that, we’ve also integrated two more components which were previously available in RubyMine’s “big brother”, IntelliJ IDEA – the JavaScript debugger (we have a demo to show you how it works), and the support for task management (which includes YouTrack and JIRA integration).

There are also a number of smaller improvements, for example, the reworked IRB and Rails consoles. More details are listed in the release notes.

RubyMine 2.5 EAP is available for download now. Each build can be used for free (no license required) for 30 days since its release date; when a EAP build expires, you can download a new one and continue using RubyMine 2.5.

As for the further plans, we plan to have RubyMine 2.5 beta ready by RailsConf (beginning of June), and the final release soon after that.

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22 Responses to RubyMine 2.5 EAP started, with Rails 3, JS debugger and more

  1. Sebastian says:

    Sounds very good!

    Do you have plans to support other Bug/Task-Trackers (think of the very popular Lighthouse-App)?

  2. yole says:


    Maybe. We don’t have any definite plans yet. It’s actually possible to write third-party plugins for RubyMine which would provide integration with issue trackers that are not supported out of the box.

  3. Olli says:

    I have the javascript debugger working for an individual html file with embedded javascript, but I can’t figure out how to get it to work while running a rails app through rubymine. Are the docs somewhere explaining how to do that? Thanks.

  4. Taras Tielkes says:

    Any chance for getting “Smarter Introduce” in RubyMine?

  5. If you’re considering adding task management support for any other tools, then Pivotal Tracker is, as far as I can tell, the most popular story tool in the Ruby world. Support for that would be utterly awesome.

  6. andy says:

    congrats on the 2.5 eap !!

    my preference for task management in rubymine – NONE. put ur time and energy instead on core features.

  7. johan says:

    +1 for Pivotal Tracker support!

  8. Juan says:

    That’s great! Looking forward to download it.

    BTW, do you plan, at any stage, to develop a native application for the Mac?

    • yole says:


      Developing a native application for the Mac would involve writing an entirely new app from scratch in Objective-C without being able to use any part of our existing Java codebase (which has cost a few dozen man-years to develop), and then maintaining it in parallel with the Java version in order to be able to provide RubyMine for Windows and Linux users as well. You can imagine that we don’t have any plans to do that.

  9. Hi guys,

    you are doing a fantastic job not only on RubyMine. I recommend it in every of my conference talks and trainings.

    Today I tried to get startet with 2.5 but rvm isn’t recognized for me.
    Any hints for me?


  10. yole says:


    There’s a known problem with RVM in this build – we’ll release an updated build this week, which will fix the problem.

  11. zZzZ says:


    What about Redmine support?

  12. johno says:

    +1 for Redmine support.

  13. Peter Fitzgibbons says:

    +1 for focusing your efforts on core functionality.
    +1 for Redmine support.

  14. Marek Kowalcze says:

    Do version 2.5 (and eventually 3) will be in sync with Idea Ruby Plugin?(and the other way). Our goal is work on JRuby on Rails (ver 3) app and we’re wondering if Ruby Plugin is just enought for that? I found some FAQ from last year that their code-bases are almost in sync, is it still true?

  15. Thanks for your votes everyone! Just wanted to remind that we have an issue tracker ( Your requests are welcome there with votes. We are making our decisions based on those votes.

    @Marek: We have no plans to change the situation with RubyMine vs. Ruby Plugin. The codebase remains the same and the plugin will be available for future versions of IntelliJ IDEA. Hope I answered your question.

  16. mega says:

    I want a function that IDEA already has.
    Every time i format code pop up a reformat code dialog, that is really annoying and unneccessary. I thought that dialog should add a do not show in the future checkbox. When i choose that checkbox next time format code directly pls.
    Thant you

  17. Oleg Shpynov says:

    Hi Mega,
    This functionality already presents in latest RubyMine EAP builds

  18. Rodrigo says:

    +1 for Redmine support

  19. Andrei Stingaceanu says:

    +1 for Redmine :)

  20. Bo says:

    another +1 for Redmine :)

  21. Mikhail Filippov says:

    +1 for Redmine

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