RailsConf 2010: wrap-up and free license winners

Finally, we all got back to work after RailsConf. Well, of course, the RailsConf was also work for us. But it is SO much different that, at some moment, you forget about it.

David Chelimsky and Roman ChernyatchikDuring the last days quite a lot of things happened. As planned, Roman has paired with Aslak to work on some RubyMine-Cucumber integration improvements. That day we also had a great crabs party with many Cucumber friends. The last day was full of exciting keynotes and again there was a pair-programming session with David Chelimsky, after which RubyMine is now quite ready for RSpec 2. Check out some RailsConf photos.

Overall 50+ new issues were added to RubyMine issue tracker based on the feedback we’ve received.

We’ve also did a drawing of 10 free RubyMine licenses among those who visited the JetBrains booth, and here are the winners generated by random.org:

  1. Aditya Sanghi
  2. Daniel Ivovich
  3. Erik Michaels-Ober
  4. Matt Parker
  5. Mikel Lindsaar
  6. Paul Hepworth
  7. Seth Ladd
  8. Steven Smith
  9. Ted Davis
  10. Truong Vo

These guys should have received their notification e-mails by now and know how to get their licenses.

So, back to work now. RailConf gave us a good energy load and we’ve got products to release now. Stay tuned and expect updates soon!

Develop with pleasure,
-JetBrains RubyMine Team

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3 Responses to RailsConf 2010: wrap-up and free license winners

  1. Seban says:

    Is there any way to get a t-shirt or stick on laptop?

  2. Thanks Eugene! You guys are doing some great things!

  3. @Seban: we’ll gladly give you a T-shirt at a conference we are attending. Otherwise, we’re new investigating to open a “JetBrains gift store” where you’ll be able to get one yourself. Stay tuned!

    @Paul: Thanks a lot! We’re trying hard! :)

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