Fighting Code Smell in Ruby Code

Hello guys,

Recently we’ve attended RuPy2011 conference in Poznan, Poland, where Dennis and I were giving a workshop Fighting Code Smell.

During the workshop we were talking about existing tools for detecting ugly and potentially dangerous code. We discussed their differences, pros and cons, and everyone was able to try them on treir own project during the workshop. Also we spent some time explaining how these tools work, what techniques are used etc.

In the conclusion we talked about semantic analysis which RubyMine uses to give you smart code assistance using type inference, inspections like “Unused local variable” and much more.

Most of the information mentioned above is available in Fighting Ruby code smell presentation below:

Also we are wondering if you are interested in more details on how RubyMine treats Ruby and Rails code? In case of positive answers, most likely we’ll dedicate a couple of blog posts to this stuff.

P.S. We really enjoyed attending RuPy 2011. Kudos to the organizers!



-Develop with Pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team


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