RubyMine 5.4 RC: RubyMotion Debug on Device

Hello everyone,

RubyMine 5.4 release candidate is ready! The only one feature was missed for the full RubyMotion support in RubyMine – the ability to debug not only on simulator, but directly on device. And now, with the last RubyMotion update and RubyMine 5.4, it becomes available.

Please download RC build from our EAP page. You can take a look at the latest changes in release notes.

Please stay tuned at these last days before the release. Your feedback is very welcome as always.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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8 Responses to RubyMine 5.4 RC: RubyMotion Debug on Device

  1. Yoel says:

    I’m a recent RubyMine user and purchaser and I’m loving it. However, this particular feature of debugging my RubyMotion apps in the device it escapes me. I only have simulator and specs but there is not device. I can rake device from the terminal but not luck from RubyMine.

    • Dennis Ushakov says:

      Debugging on device requires most recent RubyMotion version. Please make sure that you’re using version 1.35

      • Yoel says:

        I’m using 1.35 (motion -v returns 1.35)… I think that what I don’t know is how to set it up.

      • Yoel says:

        Do I need to set it up? For example I only have these two option for running the app ‘simulator’ and ‘spec’ and under tools/run rake task I have nothing, empty!

        • Dennis Ushakov says:

          If you start typing task name ‘device’ in Tools | Run Rake Task it should show device task.

          • Yoel says:

            that’s the strange part… there not task showing here at all… and therefore the filter by name when typing ‘device’ returns nothing because there is nothing here… I am writing a class right now but I will reinstall RubyMine later… something has gone wrong with my RubyMine…

          • Yoel says:

            restarted RubyMine and the tasks came back and was able to find rake device but it isn’t working as expected. Were can I have support with this? Are you part of the RubyMine Team? I’m not sure that this is an issue for everyone so don’t really know where to post it

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