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RubyMine 2021.1 EAP Is Open!

Hi everyone,

The RubyMine 2021.1 EAP is now open! You can get EAP builds from our website, use the Toolbox App, or update to them using snaps if you’re a Ubuntu user. Note that EAP builds are free to use but expire within 30 days of the build date.

As usual, we encourage you to participate in the EAP and share your thoughts on the latest improvements and new functionality so that we can continue to make RubyMine better for you.

RubyMine 2021.1 EAP Is Open

Here’s the list of improvements that have been made:

This build also contains important bug fixes:

  • Incorrect indentation for methods with arguments and an inline comment [RUBY-26757].
  • Incorrect indentation for if-then and else statements followed by a comment [RUBY-26933].
  • Inconsistent indentation for brace blocks over multiple lines [RUBY-27411].
  • Minitest fails to start with DRb::DRbConnError [RUBY-26931].

Don’t hesitate to add your comments under this post or on the YouTrack issues listed above.


See the release notes for the full list of changes, and please report any issues you encounter.

Happy Developing!
The RubyMine team

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