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RubyMine 2021.3 EAP4: Improvements for VCS and More

The fourth EAP build of 2021.3 is now available! Here are the highlights:


Checkout and Rebase onto Current for remote branches

The Checkout and Rebase onto Current action allows you to check out the selected branch and rebase it on top of a branch that is currently checked out. Until now, it has only been available for local branches. Starting from this EAP, we’ve added the ability to apply this action to remote branches, as well.

New Checkout action

Reorganized VCS settings

To improve the user experience and speed up the process of configuring your version control systems, we’ve made the VCS settings more discoverable and more clearly structured. Here are some of the changes you’ll find in Preferences/Settings | Version Control.

The Version Control node now lists all the available settings.

Updated VCS settings

We’ve improved the layout inside the Git node. We divided all the settings into sections that account for the most important processes: Commit, Push, and Update. Additionally, the parameters inside these sections are now organized more logically.

Updated Git settings

We’ve added a separate node for Directory mappings, and the background operations are now switched on by default. The Background node no longer exists.


Spell checking in RBS files

RubyMine’s built-in spell checker now also works for RBS files.

It works similarly to the spell checker for regular Ruby code – it shows typos in the declaration of an entity, but not in its usages. For .rbs files, this means that the spell checker works for entities that don’t refer to certain elements of Ruby code. Specifically, it works for comments, type aliases, and interface declarations.

Spell checker for RBS files

Type checking for super calls

Type checking, mismatched argument inspections, and the parameter info action now work for the super calls in overridden methods.

New inspection for type variables in partial declarations

The new inspection reports partial container declarations whose numbers of type variables do not match. RubyMine will mark such cases as an error and suggest quick-fixes: either adding missing type variables or removing excess ones.

New inspection for RBS

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