Early Access Program

RubyMine 2021.3 Release Candidate 2

RubyMine 2021.3 RC2 is available!

Unlike previous EAP builds, the RC requires you to have a valid RubyMine license. Otherwise, it will install and run as a free 30-day trial.

You can install the RC version alongside a stable version of RubyMine.

Here’s a quick roundup of the most notable new features being introduced in the upcoming 2021.3 release:

Ruby and RBS

Type Checking

  • New inspections for RBS-based type checking.
  • Initial support for Sorbet.
  • Type checking, mismatched argument inspections, and the Parameter Info action now work for super calls in overridden methods.

Remote Development

  • Remote development functionality to help you code, run, debug, and deploy your projects from any machine.

User Experience



Web and Frameworks

  • Improved code completion for HTML files.
  • The ability to update npm packages and download remote ES6 modules from the editor.
  • Fixes for a bunch of issues related to mapping .js and .d.ts files and added gutter icons for navigating between them.
  • New Node.js remote interpreter support for npm, ESLint, Mocha, and Jest.
  • 20% decrease to JavaScript file indexing times.
  • Various enhancements for the HTTP client.


Database tools

To learn more about the newest features as they come out, please follow RubyMine on Twitter. We post product news and tips several times a week.

Please feel free to report any problems you encounter to our issue tracker.

Happy Developing!
The RubyMine team

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