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RubyMine 2016.2 Early Access Program is Open

Hello everyone, Last year’s move to the subscription model was motivated by our desire to release more often, focusing on continuous delivery of value independent of versioning. With that goal in mind, we started this year with RubyMine 2016.1, the … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: Multiple Cursors and Selection

Hello everyone, If you, as me, often dream of being in several places at once you will like this new feature coming to RubyMine from IntelliJ platform side! Please welcome multiple cursors and selection that you can already try in … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: Faster Code Modifications with “Unwrap”

RubyMine makes code editing agile and easy with code fragment surrounding actions. To choose one just hit Ctrl+Alt+T / Cmd+Opt+T and invoke “Surround With” panel: From the last EAP version RubyMine also supports code fragment unwrapping actions, inverting the ones … Continue reading

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Plugin highlight: “Injector” brings single-key Ruby injections into ERB

If you use ERB for your Rails views, you should like this one. It may not be a problem for you but I always stumble when typing <% %>, let alone <%# %>. Non-letter keys and you have to press … Continue reading

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What’s mining: sweeter Cucumber in RubyMine 3.2

We’ve spent some time in this iteration to add some nice and smart features to Cucumber tests editing. Here’s what you can expect in RubyMine 3.2. And you can already try this in recent pre-release builds. Cucumber step usage search … Continue reading

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Improved HAML auto-indenting in RubyMine 2.0.2

When you edit the code you should only think about the code, not the way it looks. And a good IDE, such as RubyMine, should do the rest, like auto-indenting and formatting the code as you type. So, we are … Continue reading

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Edit HTML injected inside JavaScript literals

It often happens that we need to edit HTML code inside JavaScript literals. And most of the time it is something involving trial-and-error and not too pleasant in result. But not within RubyMine! Here is a simple string… But once … Continue reading

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What’s mining: SASS support

Hello everyone, Our team is glad to announce that development builds of RubyMine already support SASS! The feature will be available in the next public EAP build. We originally planned SASS support for RubyMine version 2.0, but we received a … Continue reading

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5 keyboard shortcuts to get familiar with

You probably know RubyMine bases on IntelliJ platform and gets lots of cool features from the platform. Going even further, I will base this post on a post in IntelliJ IDEA blog. The author of the original posting has permitted … Continue reading

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What’s mining: unused local variable or parameter inspection

Hello everyone, RubyMine already has a bunch of inspections that help you on the fly to write correct and clean ruby code. They are Ruby code style, Unreachable code, Unresolved Ruby reference etc. Recently we’ve added one more useful inspection: … Continue reading

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