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Welcome Ruby Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 11.1

Hello everyone, We’ve received a lot of positive and inspiring feedback since RubyMine 4 was released. We’re very glad and thankful to you for helping us go on in making RubyMine even better. And we know that some of you … Continue reading

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Plugin highlight: “Injector” brings single-key Ruby injections into ERB

If you use ERB for your Rails views, you should like this one. It may not be a problem for you but I always stumble when typing <% %>, let alone <%# %>. Non-letter keys and you have to press … Continue reading

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Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 10 is out

Hello guys, We’ve recently published RubyMine 3.0. Only a week has passed and we’ve already got loads of positive feedback from you, thus we want to heartily thank you for it, we here at JetBrains appreciate it a lot and … Continue reading

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Synchronizing RubyMine Configuration using IDEA Server

RubyMine license allows using the IDE from different computers (non-simultaneously). And once you have more than one IDE installation, you are in need to configure them all. But most likely you’d want them all to be configured similarly. So, to … Continue reading

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Best IDE for Polyglot Programming — IntelliJ IDEA 9

Our neighbour IntelliJ IDEA team is now celebrating the release of IntelliJ IDEA 9, the best environment for polyglot programming and the most intelligent Java IDE, that also includes a free community edition now. Being build on the same platform, … Continue reading

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RubyMine EAP build 749

We just made the new RubyMine build available. The changes are the following: “Analyze Stacktrace” action added (copy a stacktrace from clipboard, get a toolwindow with clickable hyperlinks to source code) Options dialog when running Rake tasks Improvements to gem … Continue reading

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Merry Ruby Christmas!

We’ve got two holiday season presents for you! First, we’ve updated the Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. It now includes all the changes we made in RubyMine recently. Second, we have just pushed out probably the last public build of … Continue reading

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