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Scala Plugin 1.3 EAP 1.2.67 is Available

You’ll be glad to know that a fresh EAP build for Scala Plugin 1.3 is already available, and it brings a lot of improvements:

  • Monocle support
  • Unused imports inspections are now aware about the implicit parameters in the implicit conversions for extension methods
  • Fixed requirement of Invalidate Caches to get rid of weird error highlighting in project.
  • Fixed Specs2 3.M1 support
  • Automake with enabled compiler server is working now
  • Possibility to have custom compiler settings for different modules
  • SBT shared source roots support for ScalaJS projects (see SCL-7859)

We hope these improvements will make your life easier. Be sure to give the new build a try and share your feedback with us in our discussion forum and issue tracker.

For the complete list of changes, refer to Release Notes.