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Welcome Space!

Today at KotlinConf, we announced our brand new product Space, and we have already opened the Early Access Program.

What is Space

Space is an integrated team environment that provides teams and organizations with the tools they need to collaborate effectively and efficiently. It has Git-based Version Control, Code Review, Automation (CI/CD) based on Kotlin Scripting, Package Repositories, Planning tools, Issue Tracker, Chats, Blogs, Meetings, and Team Directory, among other features.

Space was born out of our own needs at JetBrains. As a company, we’ve grown from a team of 3 developers to over 1200 people, 60% of whom are technical. With this growth, we’ve found our current use of independent tools has often created silos, leading to miscommunication, less efficient collaboration, and loss of information.

Space is about people and teams

In Space, the concept of a team is a first-class citizen. When you join a team, you are automatically included in everything related to it, be it meetings, blogs, source control, calendars, vacations, etc. This eliminates the need for creating concepts such as groups and then making sure that every team member is also part of the corresponding group.


Tight integration between the areas of the system provides for numerous advantages such as knowing a person’s availability, which is useful if you want to have a chat or assign a code review to them.


Space is a platform

Space allows you to build on the platform in multiple ways. Whether you do so by using webhooks, HTTP API, or even plugins (on the self-hosted version), you can extend the existing functionality of Space and make use of the information available to you without needing to hook up many different solutions that create silos of data.

Space as a service or self-hosted

We will be offering Space either as a service, hosted and managed entirely by JetBrains, or as a self-hosted version (available in the near future). The pricing plan has four levels, starting at the free tier, which is ideal for small teams, and progressing up to the Enterprise tier, which meets the needs of large organizations.


Space is available everywhere

Built from the ground up with Kotlin multiplatform technology, Space clients are available for web, desktop, and mobile platforms, and offer full IDE integration with the IntelliJ Platform.

Space Launch and roadmap

Today we already provide a ton of functionality, such as:

  • Version Control
  • Code Reviews
  • Blogs
  • Chats
  • Team Directory
  • Package Registry
  • Planning
  • Issue Tracker
  • IDE Integration

We have a lot more planned for Space, including:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Automation
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Personal To-Do lists and notification management

The Early Access Program will be accepting requests on a first-come-first-served basis, and we’ll be gradually increasing the number of teams that can gain access. So don’t wait! Sign up now to get your team Space!

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