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Space Q1–Q2 2023 Roadmap and 2022 Retrospective

JetBrains Space Roadmap 2023

In 2022, Space grew as a complete development platform, seeing improvements in a variety of areas. We introduced the on-premises version, guest members, and file storage. We also expanded Space’s extensibility options, offering greater customization for teams, and implemented a variety of other features.

In this blog post, we will take a look back at our accomplishments from the past year and share our main areas of focus for the first half of 2023. We also invite you to check out our detailed roadmap to see what features we have planned and track our progress.

Explore the 2023 roadmap

Space 2022 Retrospective

In 2022, our main focus was on making software development with Space more enjoyable, flexible, and efficient. Our team delivered over 40 standalone features and a lot of enhancements to existing functionality. Listing all of them in this post would be overwhelming, so we want to give an overview of the top priority features that were added to Space in 2022.

✅ On-premises version – Released

Space On-Premises was introduced and released in 2022 after being in Beta for 6 months. During this time, we gathered your feedback, stabilized the installation process, and added new features. It’s now publicly available for anyone to download and try for free.

JetBrains Space On-Premises

✅ Guest users – Released

We made it possible for you to work with people outside your company by adding guest users to Space. You can invite clients, freelancers, and other partners to collaborate on your project in one place, while providing limited access to your company’s resources and data. However, based on your feedback, we realized that there is a demand for guest users with more restricted access to your project in Space. With this in mind, we’re now working on light guest accounts with a more limited set of permissions.

JetBrains Space guest users

✅ File storage – Released

We added a file storage feature to Space Documents, making it possible to upload personal files and all project-related artifacts like images, PDFs, and others. You can now share, preview, and download files from a single file storage space, and keep everything you need to work on your project in one place.

✅ Marketplace – Released

We also introduced Space Marketplace, where you can find and use applications created by others or even share your own apps. Apps are the primary way to extend the functionality of Space, allowing you to tailor the platform to your team’s needs and incorporate more advanced workflows into your development process. Space Marketplace is in Beta, but we plan to continue its development and add more apps for the public release.

JetBrains Space Marketplace

▶️ New hosting regions – In development

We are seeing a lot of interest in Space from China and other countries from the APAC region. Adding new hosting regions is one of our infrastructure team’s main priorities. We’re working on this feature and planning to deliver it in the first half of 2023.

▶️ Video calls – In development

In 2022, we made significant progress on video conferencing in Space and were able to open a private Beta for peer-to-peer and group calls. However, there is still much work to be done. So, we plan to continue actively developing audio and video calls, both for one-on-one and group conversations. We expect to open a public Beta for these features in the first half of 2023.

▶️ Simplifying Space – In development

Our goal is to simplify your Space experience without compromising functionality. We’ve made huge progress towards this goal by introducing the new project-centered navigation to help you focus on your work for a given project. We plan to continue working to streamline your experience, so stay tuned for updates.

▶️ Integrations with TeamCity and YouTrack – In development

We’ve made good progress toward integrating TeamCity with Space. With the Safe Merge functionality, you can run automated checks in TeamCity and see the results in Space. We also managed to link Space commits with YouTrack issues.

We’ll continue working on these integrations, as we believe that we can dramatically improve the continuity of the user experience between the tools by providing a single solution to JetBrains users.

⏸️ Localization – Postponed

Unfortunately, we didn’t make much progress in this area last year. We had to make the tough decision to postpone this project, but we will get back to it as soon as possible. We understand that localization is important for many Space users, especially in certain regions. However, for the moment, we need to focus on making the platform more functional and improving features, performance, quality, and stability.

Space Q1–Q2 2023 Main Directions

The Space team adheres to the principle of dividing work into smaller chunks, which helps us stay flexible and quickly react to your feedback. With this in mind, we are limiting our roadmap to the next two quarters.

While our priorities from 2022 remain a focus for 2023, we will continue to listen carefully to your feedback and adjust our plans accordingly. We invite you to explore our detailed Q1–Q2 2023 roadmap.

Short on time? Check out this overview of our main priorities for 2023.

Delivering new features

We’re working hard on implementing new software-development features and enhancing the existing ones in the areas of code reviews and Git hosting, CI/CD, packages, and dev environments.

Another priority is expanding Space’s extensibility options to meet the needs of different teams.

We understand that project management and collaboration features are essential parts of software development. With this in mind, we’ll continue enhancing Space issues, documents, chats with video calls, search, and navigation.

To ensure a unified user experience, our team is also working on improving the Space mobile apps for iOS and Android. Our priority is implementing support for features already available on desktop and browser.

Space On-Premises

We’re actively working to offer simplified Space On-Premises installation options beyond Kubernetes.

We will also provide deployment instructions for various environments, including the AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure public clouds, and instructions for using Docker-Compose as a production option for small teams.

Simplifying Space

To help you to get started with Space more easily, we are working on migration paths from other tools and platforms, including issues, documents, and packages. We will also work on improving the entire platform’s onboarding experience.

Integrations with tools from JetBrains and other vendors

We will keep expanding and polishing the integrations with YouTrack and TeamCity. We intend to make it possible to link Space merge requests and deployments with YouTrack issues, provide better support for YouTrack notifications and add unfurls in Space chats, and improve the process for importing from issues YouTrack to Space.

We also aim to expand Space’s extensibility options to support integrations with tools from JetBrains and other vendors.

We invite you to explore the detailed roadmap and track our progress on this page:

Explore the 2023 roadmap

Space Q1–Q2 2023 Features

Here’s a short overview of the features that are currently our top priorities.

Git hosting and code reviews

We plan to implement hierarchical quality gates for flexible monorepo configurations, make it possible to review files and filter them by code owner, facilitate inviting teams as reviewers, and provide the options to manually mark files as read and track review progress based on files viewed.

JetBrains Space git hosting and code reviews

Automation (CI/CD)

We are going to update the universal parameters engine, speed up the build process with cross-job caches, introduce the ability to build and publish file artifacts, and switch to a dedicated app for authorizing automation jobs. We will also work to enhance deployment targets with a new UI and API and support custom fields.


To top off our project of adding options for migrating from remote repositories for the most popular package types, we plan to implement support for Cargo packages. Our priorities also include improving the Packages web UI, adding support for granular permissions, improving the availability of the service, and implementing global search functionality for packages.

Dev environments

Our primary points of focus for dev environments are implementing dev environment support in Space On-Premises, adding the ability to pre-install IDE plugins, updating the warm-up list presentation and subscription mechanism, adding notifications, and allowing restricted access to dev environment configurations.


We plan to improve the SDK and introduce a synchronization API to allow updates of specific entities in Space, for example, to monitor issues in a project. We also intend to introduce a customizable webhook payload and implement versioning for our HTTP API.

Mobile apps

We plan to focus on complete support for code reviews and merge requests, as well as introduce the latest project and chat features and Space calls into the Space mobile apps later this year.


We are working on a global issue list and smart search functionality. We intend to provide time-tracking reports and a spreadsheet-style view with batch editing. We also have plans to improve the issue boards with manual backlogs, sprint improvements, and full-blown swimlanes.

JetBrains Space issues


Our main goals are to simplify onboarding in Space Documents, introduce search and navigation improvements, implement a new text editor, and add support for granular permissions.


We’re already working to improve notification settings and general performance. We also plan to add sticker and GIF support, as well as to improve the default functionality for postponed messages, and introduce an all-reactions view. We’ll continue our ongoing work on video calls, with the intention of opening the public Beta for them.

Full-text search and navigation

We’re working on revamping quick navigation in Space. Our goals are to speed up and simplify navigation, improve the sorting and grouping of items in the menu, and add a redesigned filter system.

What do you think about our roadmap? Let us know what features you are most excited about trying in the comment section below.

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